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What to Know Before Visiting Nigeria

In Africa, Nigeria is found in the western part carrying almost half of the total population in Western Africa. With about 200 million people considering Nigeria their home, it’s a country filled with diversity in culture, ethnic groups, religion, and linguistics. There are 250 ethnic groups in the country, with Hausa being the largest. The Muslim religion is the most diverse in the country, followed by Christianity. Hence, visiting Nigeria is a way to meet more amazing people with different cultures found nowhere else in the world.

Therefore, before you visit Nigeria, there are some things you need to know about it and the city Lagos:

  • The temperatures in the country. Nigeria is a country with hot weather. The sun is always shinning almost for the whole year. Therefore, be prepared to wear your sunglasses and a hat during your stay in the country.
  • Be prepared to take rice in most of your meals. A high population in Nigeria takes rice every day during their mealtime. There are many varieties, including the basmati and white rice, which can have grounded pepper or tomatoes in it. You can have some street food which has rice served with goat meat or chicken wings.
  • A challenge in the language barrier during communication might be one of the greatest in the country. Since they teach their mother tongue in schools and use it in most of the activities there, communication in English can be a challenge. You can find a way to translate Igbo to English or even Hausa to English. Get the help of your driver when stuck.
  • In Nigeria, be prepared to walk cashless and to use your card instead. The Nigerian government advocate for bankcards in your daily activities. Converting your currency to Naira notes would leave you with a huge sum of notes even stressful to carry around.
  • Be prepared to hold on to your faith. Nigeria has many Muslims and Christians in it, and thus, with the high population, you can imagine the figure. Everywhere you go in the country, especially in Lagos, you will find many people spreading salvation messages. Just avoid booking a room near a worship house, or else you will be an active member for the whole night.
  • Expect the traffic during the morning and evening hours in the city. If you need to travel, make sure you plan your traveling activities to help you evade the traffic. You may wake up early or start your journey after the morning hours.
  • With the traffic in the cities, be prepared to use a private traveling car, a taxi or uber. The public transport system is very unreliable, and sometimes the “tuk-tuks” are a better choice to move within the city.

Things You Do in Nigeria

Make sure you spend at least a night at a party in the city. Nigeria is known for its Afro music and its movies from Nollywood. In the whole world, big musicians from Nigeria are known for the music industry. Also, movies produced in the country are almost known everywhere in the world. The traditions in the country also have a unique way that beautifies all their activities. For example, a wedding in Nigeria is so beautiful with the characterization of their wear. Attend one and see what makes their weddings stand out in the world.

Being in Nigeria also gives you a chance to be in the country with the richest man in Africa. Forbes listed Aliko Dangote in the top 100of the richest people in the world. Despite having the richest person in Africa, it’s a country that has been seen to overtake the US. With oil mining in the country, the country can produce its energy. The high number of Nigerians in the US also has degrees in which the number exceeds that of US graduates. So, you will be visiting a country that is lying on its potential.

It’s ironical to have Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria but not the capital city of the country. Comparing Abuja and Lagos, Abuja is growing with the administrative offices. It has an average of about 6million people, which is much less than Lagos, which has an average of 21 million people. Plan to spend some time in both cities in your travel and see what each has for you.

Nigeria is not at the top of the list as a destination to travel by many people. With the safety records by the Boko Haram and the corruption in the country, you might feel uncomfortable to spend some time there. However, it’s a country with its economic potential in the West African region. The oil and mining activities in the country show its superpower. The richness in culture and traditions in the country are some ways in which you can satisfy your curiosity.

Amberlynn Rowe