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Traveling with children not only enriches family ties by spending time together but it is very important for education because, on trips, children have the chance to see other cultures, other ways of living and to try new things, which make them more tolerant, flexible and of course, more mature. As parents, the work before traveling is to organize the trip in more detail in order to avoid the unforeseen. Be very careful, especially when you pack, means of transport, lodging. Here are some tips for traveling with the little ones at any time of year.


The first thing you must keep in mind is good organization. One of the most important things is to pack everything the child will require during the trip. The best solution, in this case, is to create a list of possible needs. Some of the essential items that should be included in the suitcase are towels, soaps, protective sunscreen, diapers, wipes, plastic bags, bibs, a changer, a first aid kit, pacifiers, and bring clothes for each day, including two sets per day. If the destination is warm it is best to wear clothes made of natural fibers, and approved sunglasses, because the eyes of children are even more vulnerable to sunlight than ours, and a hat.


For transport you have to adapt to the rules and make the journey as smooth as possible for the child. To protect it from the sun you can place visors in the side windows and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the journey. It is best every two hours to stretch, drink, eat something and get you fresh air. To make the trip more fun you can play games like a storyteller, tongue twisters or sing songs.


Depending on the destination you choose you have to be more careful about the safety of our children. If you go to a place where tap water could make you ill, prevent the small from ingesting, brushing teeth with said water or eating raw foods like salads. If you can, use bottled water for all. In large public spaces it’s always best to set a meeting point in case anyone gets lost. In hotels find a room with secure windows, balconies, showers, plugs, temperature otherwise, it is best to ask to change it.

Amberlynn Rowe